The Strategic Plan for
Monmouth University

By 2026, Monmouth University
will be a national leader in
integrating excellence and access

by becoming the most highly ranked
(U.S. News & World Report) institution with our
access measures (Pell eligibility) in our category
(private, non-sectarian, Division I).

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are nearly 3,000 four-year, not-for-profit institutions of higher education in the United States, nearly half of which are private, like Monmouth University.

Many of these institutions distinguish themselves by their excellence, as measured by high rankings in various third-party publications. Others make their mark by their accessibility, as measured by their high number of Pell-eligible students. But what if an institution emerged that was both excellent and accessible—that is, was both highly ranked and was serving a high proportion of Pell-eligible students? An institution that could effectively integrate these two goals would enjoy dual benefits. First, this institution would enjoy the benefits of being highly ranked, of being increasingly well-known on a national scale, of attracting strong students from around the country, and of associating with the best brands in American higher education. And second, as a high-access institution, this institution would serve a greater societal purpose by ensuring a private, first-rate education is accessible to ambitious students and their families, and would enjoy the benefit of knowing that it was changing lives and resetting the trajectory of families for generations to come.

Monmouth University aims to be that institution. That is our ambition!
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Monmouth University, over the recent years, has already begun to integrate excellence and access like few other private institutions in the nation. But in order to become the national leader, we must become both more excellent and more accessible. That’s what our new, five-year strategic plan aims to do—through an intersection of six mutually supportive themes or threads.
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Theme 1


Monmouth University prepares students to live happy, healthy, and productive lives that are marked by creative pursuits, innovative contributions to their profession, and cultural competence and connectedness that improves lives in their community and around the globe. Monmouth students benefit from high-impact pedagogical practices such as service-learning courses, faculty-led study abroad programs, senior seminars, and valuable internships with businesses and organizations. We value the foundation that a liberal arts education provides and prepare students with the knowledge and discipline-specific skills they need to be leaders in their professions.
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Theme 2

Enhance the student experience

Monmouth University is committed to developing global citizens, who actively engage in their community, and are prepared for a well-lived life post-commencement. To meet this goal, Monmouth must provide a modern way for students to actively engage in the Monmouth community and build meaningful relationships for personal and professional growth.
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Theme 3

Cultivate a Diverse & Inclusive Campus Community

Monmouth University works to create an environment of equity and inclusion which respects and affirms the inherent dignity, value, and uniqueness of all individuals, communities, and life experiences. Our practices reflect awareness and understanding of the complexity of identity and the increasing interconnectedness of our world. It is our responsibility to promote and maintain a community of compassion, embracing the rich dimensions of diversity, and facilitating opportunities for understanding and the expression of both individual and shared experiences.
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Theme 4

Improve Identity and Image

Monmouth University is committed to building its reputation for excellence in teaching and learning by providing an environment that is highly personalized and interdisciplinary. Monmouth University will serve as the high-value alternative delivering a world-class, personalized education to our students and friends, worldwide.
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Theme 5

modernize infrastructure

Monmouth University’s campus is already one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, mixing old, historic buildings with new, state-of-the-art facilities into a unified experience. However, gaps exist in making it as competitive as possible in the 21st century.
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Theme 6

Ensure Financial Stability

Approximately 95% of Monmouth’s annual operating budget relies on the strength of our enrollment. Our diverse student body consists of 6,000 students (4,450 undergraduate and 1,500 graduates) enrolled in a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Immediate priorities for our five-year plan include preparing for the anticipated demographic decline in the number of high school students matriculating to college at the undergraduate level. We will also respond strategically to the graduate and doctoral marketplace by providing support and resources that best support our students and faculty in these programs. We will strive to maintain a competitive price point and high-value academic experience for aspiring Hawks at all levels. Now, more than ever, Monmouth needs to strengthen its financial footing to make Monmouth an accessible option for students in the state of New Jersey, and beyond. In order to do so, Monmouth will embark on an ambitious, but exciting, comprehensive fundraising campaign to take our students now and in the future to even greater heights, raising the profile of the University and the programs within.