Student running by Pozyycki Hall around sunrise

Theme 5

modernize infrastructure

Monmouth University’s campus is already one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, mixing old, historic buildings with new, state-of-the-art facilities into a unified experience. However, gaps exist in making it as competitive as possible in the 21st century.
Interior view of the Great Hall with new furniture
Interview view of the renovations done to res hall
Billy O'neill working for ESPN athletics at controls with monitors on wall showing different events

Provide state-of-the-art facilities to support our students’ academic, co-curricular, and holistic success.

  • Engage in a comprehensive space utilization study to realign use of our existing infrastructure, especially the Great Hall at Shadow Lawn, the Rebecca Stafford Student Center, academic building configurations, and the Murry and Leonie Guggenheim Memorial Library, in order to maximize our academic and co-curricular purpose.
  • Prioritize assessing and remedying the campus for universal design and accessibility, employing universal design standards for all new construction and renovation.
  • Upgrade outdated, existing residence halls to provide capacity for at least 300 students and include features that meet the needs of students in a 21st century living and learning environment.
  • Complete the Northwest Campus Development project to include additional office space, enhanced parking, and campus beautification.
  • Develop a comprehensive campus enhancement plan, including the establishment of a Campus Gateway or primary pedestrian pathway through the campus, with a goal to complete at least one project per year.
  • Modernize the University Store to enhance the user experience and to maximize revenue.
  • Build two additional artificial turf fields to serve our growing intramural and club sports, and possible marching band.
  • Build-out suitable space for sports medicine to serve our nearly 600 student-athletes.
  • Conduct a feasibility study on the re-introduction of a transit shuttle that loops to the University Bluffs/West End, train station/Monmouth Medical, the Graduate Center, and both north and south campuses.
  • Continue to assess the potential for a remote location in Rumson, New Jersey to serve marine science students and possible rowing student-athletes.
  • Consider appropriate investments in James and Marlene Howard Hall to support student learning.
Multi-sensory room with egg chair and lots of different colored lights

Employ a technological infrastructure that enhances access, improves utilization, and makes processes more efficient.

  • Modernize teaching space throughout the campus and develop active learning spaces and labs across the University with space flexibility and access to appropriate technology.
  • Assess and reevaluate contracted payment processor technologies related to revenue generation to ensure a modern and positive user experience (i.e., web transactions for making payments on outstanding bills, online ticketing, philanthropic gifts, etc.).
  • Create access pathways for students in need of technology.