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In one year at Monmouth, every opportunity comes alive.
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Day one: Hesse Hall. Your bed is made, your artwork hung up, your alarm is even set. This is really happening. Around you, everybody feels like they’re matching your level of excitement (and maybe nervousness) as you head to Pollak Theatre for your first orientation activities. Posters on the walls announce the first meetings of clubs, teams, and gatherings where you know you’ll find fast friends—like Monmouth Artists for Diversity & Inclusion, which is hosting a meeting for interested singers and musicians—but already a friend is calling from the end of the hall. Day one: full to the brim. And even better: not alone.
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Quote Mark
Monmouth felt like home right away. All the welcome events meant I was constantly making connections, having fun, and being my authentic self. The freedom of college is even better with the security of a close-knit community like this one.”
Vincent J. Sedlmeir ’24
Business Marketing

Here, fun meets learning. Culture meets connection. Skyline meets coastline. Opportunity meets you.


You’re finding ways to be involved on campus at every turn. With 120+ clubs and organizations—like Monmouth Gamers United, Muslim Student Assocation, and Sea Sharps A Capella Group—everybody on your floor seems to have found a different way to connect with those who love what they love, no matter what it is.

The Visiting Writers Series lets you rub shoulders with world-famous authors and playwrights like Joyce Carol Oates and Colm Toibin. The Hawk Capital Student-Managed Fund lets you manage a real $300k investment portfolio. Of course, this is Monmouth, so you’re not just getting involved—you’re encountering endless opportunities to lead. Maria Monzon ’23 made her mark as president of the Student Government Association by helping students find their place at Monmouth. In high school, she was part of Monmouth Future Scholars, a program that connects future first-generation college students with the University.

By fall, you’re feeling like everything is possible.

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Quote Mark
Monmouth Future Scholars showed us the great community we could be a part of here. I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Now I get to tell those same kids, ‘We were just in your spot a few years ago. Keep going, keep pushing, because you can do this too.’”
SGA President
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the midterm


You’re halfway through the semester and everything is accelerating.

Monmouth’s academic excellence is why you came, and now you’re fully immersed in it. Your professors are teaching you incredible things, and they’re also standing alongside you while you pursue goals you’d never have imagined before you came here. Take Assistant Professor Davis Jose for example. His summer research team is studying the formation of G-quadruplex (GQ), a non-canonical nucleic acid secondary structure, which can inhibit the elevated telomerase activity that is common in most cancers. And students are right there, unlocking GQ-ligand interactions that will help to design new drugs for cancer and other diseases.

Or the Kislak Real Estate Institute Competition, where colleges from all over the country come to compete at Monmouth hoping their team’s pitch for a real estate development will impress the panel of judges: bankers, brokers, and realtors who know what success looks like.

By the time Student Scholarship Week comes around, everyone is ready to celebrate the huge achievements they’ve been working so hard for. You’ll shake the hand of the faculty member who collaborated with your roommate on a published paper, be in the audience when your math tutor performs her monologue, and mingle at your best friend’s art exhibit.

With support built into every part of the academic experience, Monmouth students like you are achieving amazing things eveRY day.

warmed up.

Every Monmouth student is part of the excitement that Division I athletics offers. You’re attending games that are being broadcast around the country. You’ve made friends with athletes in class whose level of skill will lead them to professional opportunities. And you’re feeling the surge of togetherness that can only happen when you’re part of a greater whole, cheering for a common victory. Excellence in athletics at Monmouth looks like the football team competing against nationally ranked opponents in Kessler Stadium. In its Division I history, Monmouth boasts 152 regular season championships, 45 NCAA Tournament appearances, and has produced 127 professional athletes. It looks like access to first-rate fitness facilities for every student. It looks like intramural teams that dial up the fun with the expected and unexpected alike, including wiffle ball and fantasy football. Above all, excellence in athletics at Monmouth looks like a community. A circle of support, of challenge, of success. And you’re right in the middle of it.
Quote Mark
I was a first-generation college student. I made the Dean’s List. And I was a Division I athlete in men’s track and field. All those accomplishments were life-changing. I could do it because of the solid foundation and commitment to excellence that was provided by so many professors, mentors, and especially my coach at Monmouth.”
B.S. in Health Studies
Acute Care Physical Health Therapy Aide
Penn Medicine Princeton Health

spring break.

Monmouth offers so many opportunities for discovery, it took you a while to appreciate the best part: those opportunities aren’t just about you. They’re also about becoming a catalyst for good in the world. And spring break is the perfect opportunity to make it all happen. Some of your friends are heading to Costa Rica for a course on Adventure Education. They’ll have thrilling outdoor experiences while also learning about how to use those team-building principles in the classrooms, group homes, and youth development organizations that they’ll someday lead. Others are heading to the Philippines to mentor children through their involvement in Enactus Club, a student group that promotes the principles of entrepreneurship and free enterprise to help people improve their lives. Wherever you choose to go, at Monmouth, you’ll have a part in bringing more wellness, more goodness, more hope to the world.

By spring, the whole world seems bigger than ever and closer than ever all at once—and you’re finding your place in it.

Quote Mark
When I was chosen to take part in a Global Experience trip to Guatemala, it set the direction for my life. I fell in love with the profession of medicine. I gained life-long friendships with other students on the trip. And it left no doubt in my mind that using medicine as a way to serve others is what I am meant to do. I decided not only to apply to medical school but also to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer first. I would have never have done either without the experiences I had at Monmouth, but now I feel so prepared and have such a clear direction.”
B.S. in Chemistry
Ariel Zavala conducts a chemistry experiment
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Group of students walk outside through the alleyway
Two individuals participate in an archeological dig activity
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Once exams wrap up, things don’t wind down. Summer is an amazing time to branch out, dial in, or go deeper into your interests. And Monmouth has so many opportunities to offer. Some of your friends are going abroad this summer—someone from last year went to Italy and now she has her first job teaching Italian at a local school. And internships? You know people who are interning at the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., at Disney headquarters in Orlando, at the studios of CNBC. You’re staying local, doing a summer research project with a brilliant professor on a study of algae all down the coast. These opportunities are available all year long at Monmouth. It’s a place where exploration, discovery, and the adventure of figuring out your own path is part of every day.
Quote Mark
My State Politics class was taught by a sitting New Jersey state senator: a leader truly investing in the next generation. My professors have opened many doors for me—like landing an internship with the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill—because they know the value of first-hand experience. At Monmouth, I gained the confidence to pursue my passion.”
Zachary Dougherty ’23
B.A. in History and Political Science
District Executive
Boy Scouts of America/National Capital Area Council
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Your Future Amplified

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your future
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There’s so
much more to

At Monmouth, even the future starts to look different. Because of everything you’ve already been able to experience, you start to dream differently. Because of the support you’re getting at every step, more seems possible. Because of Monmouth, a bigger life seems reachable.

It’s because you’ve seen it happen. More than 90 Monmouth students have been hired by Commvault, a top-ranked software company. Monmouth alumni are changing the landscape of health care, leading the way in advances in medicine, helping to shape policy and regulation, and bringing innovations in life-saving technology. And those opportunities aren’t just reserved for a few—within nine months, 93% of graduates have moved into their career or their graduate degree.

Zack Sandler ’20
B.A. in Music
Producer/Digital Media
Danny Clinch Photography
He chose Monmouth because it was so close to Asbury Park, allowing Sandler to take his daytime classroom learning right into town at night. And now he gets to work alongside the very artists he grew up idolizing: he’s helped produce for Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, members of Pearl Jam, and more. “My Monmouth professors had a huge influence on me, and I’m so happy to be living my dream.”

One Year



With the experiences, the connections, and the opportunities that Monmouth offers, there’s no limit on where your future will take you.

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