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We know what it takes to ignite your growth. An academic foundation that has launched powerful careers. The big-school vibe of high-stakes, Division I athletics. Key connections in the music industry, high-profile research in public policy, unique opportunities in hands-on coastal and laboratory science beyond the classroom.


What you won’t find at Monmouth is a homogenous, elite group of students. Because we are relentless in ensuring that our significant offerings aren’t for the few, but are accessible to everyone. It’s better that way—offering diverse perspectives, genuine friendships, and a lifelong network.


We’ll give you a one-of-a-kind educational experience, fit uniquely to you. Meet industry leaders through our partnership with the GRAMMY Museum. Broadcast on national networks. Publish original oceanography research. Commute to your internship at a company with global impact in New York City.
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one hour to the city

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Internships Expanded

There’s nowhere better to study business. At Monmouth, your interest in finance comes alive on a global scale. New York City is the world’s best destination for learning about the present and future of every industry, and Monmouth offers you amazing opportunities to get hands-on experiences in every aspect of the business world.

Adventures Overflowing

Washington, D.C. Philadelphia. Asbury Park. There’s nowhere better than Monmouth to go … anywhere. Whatever your curiosity, this is the perfect place to chase it, because it’s all within your reach. A birthplace of music history. The headquarters of national politics. A historic city with international influence. And every corner of the globe. If you’re ready to explore, Monmouth is ready for you.

Laboratories Without Walls

There’s nowhere better than the ocean to study biology, climate adaptation, and coastal policy. At Monmouth, your passion for understanding the world gets transformed into real influence by faculty who create an immersive, hands-on experience—with nature as your classroom. Out there, the lessons you learn stick with you in a different kind of way, and you build the expertise that sets you up to shape legislation, chart new discoveries, and protect ecosystems for the long haul.


It’s easier to take risks, have courage, and step out into the world when you’re surrounded by a community that truly has your back. At Monmouth, we do.

This community is more than a place where you’ll build lifelong memories (although you’ll do plenty of that) and forge forever friendships (you’ll do that, too). It’s also a place that will set you up with real, provable skills that give you an edge for whatever comes next.

You’ll learn to lead because you launched a student group that addresses climate change. You’ll learn to care when The Big Event sends you and a group of peers to paint a community mural, visit with senior citizens, or cuddle foster dogs. You’ll learn to thrive from dedicated staff who are ready to support you at every step, whether you’re the first in your family to go to college or you’re navigating your applications for graduate school.

Picture yourself

  • Taking the train to the City for a Broadway show.
  • Catching your favorite band live in Asbury Park.
  • Curling up for a weekly movie in your residence hall.
  • Renting a beach-front house with friends your senior year.
  • Collaborating with student musicians, sound engineers, and artists at Blue Hawk Records.

Picture your life, dialed up.
That’s you, amplified at Monmouth.



Honor Societies

Clubs and Organizations

Fraternities and Sororities

There are so many ways to engage your curiosity and find your talents at Monmouth. We have more than 120 clubs and organizations, including opportunities to host a radio show, manage $300,000 of investments with the Hawk Capital Club, go behind the scenes of television production at the 24/7 campus network, win awards at the top-10-in-the-nation student newspaper, and scale a cliff with the Outdoors Club. Whatever you love—or want to learn to love—we’ll empower you to take what you learn in the classroom, put those skills to practice in a club or student group, and grow it into a profound accomplishment in a career and beyond.

Sean Gerhard ’21 found his passion at Monmouth—and the world took notice. His idea for a Star Wars-themed radio show on student-run WMCX was named “Most Innovative/Creative Program” at the 2021 Intercollegiate Broadcast System Media Awards.

Quote Mark
To be number one out of the entire country is an awesome feeling, WMCX gave me the opportunity to express my creativity like nothing else could have. My professors gave me constant encouragement and support. This has been one of my favorite experiences in my life.”

Sean Gerhard ’21
B.A. in Communication, Radio and Television
Assistant Editor/Production Assistant
Dutch Productions

Find what makes you come alive. Then live it up.

Student and teacher in art class looking over project with other students and colorful paintings in the background
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When you hear “EXPERIENTIAL learning,” maybe you picture a few group assignments here and there. That’s not what we mean.

At Monmouth, we integrate real-time skill-building directly into your learning. You can compete to win the Intercollegiate Real Estate Academic Competition, making a real estate development pitch to a room full of bank presidents and city planners. You can attend a reading and engage in discussion with a Poet Laureate of the United States through the Visiting Writers Series. You can try to fit a huge trophy in your carry-on when you fly home from London after your team wins the International Model United Nations competition. You can disrupt the growth of a brain tumor using the genetic sequences of RNA molecules directed against proteins involved in cancer.

When you bring your drive and determination to Monmouth, it will get magnified by the caliber of experiences you’ll be offered. Your professors will push beyond teaching you skills; they will usher you into the spotlight where those skills can shine—at the national conferences and competitions that our location makes so readily accessible.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the kind of confidence—and the kind of resume—that comes from lived-out experiences. We don’t just set you up for success in the future. We let you start your success story today.


The Honors School offers exciting challenges and integrated support to high-achieving students. Here, you’re part of a community of leaders and thinkers, where dialogue about critical topics extends from the classroom to the residence hall. You’ll enjoy personalized mentoring from professors, additional scholarship opportunities, the chance to publish your thesis in a professional journal, and an inspiring community of driven and brilliant peers.
regional universities in the north
(U.S. News & World Report)
18 years
of being ranked among Princeton Review’s Best Colleges
Top 5
Private, non-denominational,
Division I schools for student access and academic excellence
(U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2022-23)

More Than Majors and Minors

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Explore everything, because Monmouth offers a course of study for every curiosity. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that the excellence of a Monmouth education will amplify your success at every step of your career.


  • Anthropology
  • Art: optional concentration in Photography
  • Biology: optional concentration in Molecular Cell Physiology
  • Business Administration: concentrations in Accounting; Economics; Economics and Finance; Finance; Finance and Real Estate; International Business; Leadership and Organizational Development; Marketing; Marketing and Management; Operations, Supply Chain, and Data Management; Real Estate; or Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Chemistry: optional concentrations in Advanced Chemistry or Biochemistry
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences: concentration in Medical Laboratory Science
  • Communication: Communication Studies, Journalism & Public Relations, or Media Studies and Production
  • Computer Science: B.S. (Accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,, or B.A.
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice with Social Work
  • Design and Animation: concentrations in Animation or Graphic and Interactive Design (B.F.A.)
  • Education: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, English as a Second Language, Teacher of Students with Disabilities, K-12 certification in Art, Music, Health/PE, and Spanish
  • English: optional concentration in Creative Writing
  • Health Promotion: Fitness and Wellness or Public Health
  • Health Studies: Health Science or Exercise Science
  • History
  • History and Political Science
  • Homeland Security
  • Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy
  • Mathematics: optional concentration in Statistics
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Music: optional concentrations in Music Industry or Musical Theatre
  • Nursing (direct admit program, first-year students only)
  • Political Science: optional concentrations in International Relations or Legal Studies
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Social Work with Criminal Justice
  • Sociology: optional concentration in Applied Research and Community Organizing
  • Software Engineering (Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,
  • Spanish: optional concentration in Communication (Journalism or Media Studies and Production cluster)
  • 3+3 Programs:
    B.A. in Anthropology/M.S. in Physician Assistant
    B.S. in Biology/M.S. in Physician Assistant
    B.S. in Health Studies/M.S. in Physician Assistant
    B.S. in Health Studies/Doctor of Occupational Therapy
  • Bachelor’s + Master’s Pathways:
    Over 200+ combinations to explore
    Unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study
    Visit for more information

100% of Students Engaged in Experiential Learning

100 percent
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OF Students engaged
in experiential learning.
You discover anthropology on an archeological dig in Jamaica. You learn communications working on our 24/7 campus television network. You study history using sonar images of shipwrecks on a research vessel in the open water.

We offer all this because it will set you apart, and you leave with more than a diploma—you hone a skill set that gives you confidence, competence, and curiosity, and those things don’t ever go away. Whether it’s spearheading campus sustainability projects or creating a new student group to write poetry with local children, at Monmouth, you’ll find ample opportunity to stand out as a leader.


Because of a grant for student research, Catherine Melman-Kenny and Sabria Smith spent the summer on an entirely different shore: the Bahamas. Their project was to analyze how Hurricane Dorian affected communities there, compared to how Hurricane Sandy impacted New Jersey. Focusing on economics, policy, sustainability, and planning to determine how each location’s tourism economy was impacted, their research could help determine ways each tourism-based economy could be more resilient in an age of increased storms.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses in the World

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most beautiful campuses in the world

Competition Enhanced

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Monmouth athletics demand attention from the world, turning up every athlete’s performance and inspiring true excellence.

Our 24 NCAA Division I teams have won countless conference championships. Fans cheer from premier facilities like Kessler Stadium, OceanFirst Bank Center, and Hesse Field on The Great Lawn. Students are at the center of the competition, riding together in a fan bus to all the big games.

And student-athletes get more than their moment in the spotlight: they gain advocates who invest in their well-being and the depth of their education. From playing professionally, to coaching, to starting their own business, Monmouth equips every student-athlete to achieve well beyond their sport.

Miles Austin ’19

Miles Austin took a 10-year hiatus from being a student at Monmouth to embark on a career as a star player for the Dallas Cowboys. But at 33-years-old, after twice gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated, he returned to finish his degree in history and political science. “It feels like home,” he says.

Christie Pearce Rampone ’99

Christie Pearce Rampone had a storied 19-year career as a professional soccer player, competing in five World Cups and four Olympics. She attended Monmouth on a basketball scholarship, attracted to its excellent Special Education program.
Sideline Sports Photography, LLC

Allie Wilson ’19

Allie Wilson, a three-time NCAA All-American in women’s track and field, took her talents from Monmouth to the 2021 Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. Achieving her personal best time for the 800-meter event, Allie’s sixth-place performance makes her the 23rd fastest in the world.


The spark of discovery in his students’ eyes is what keeps Professor Keith Dunton excited about his work. And for him, that spark happens before dawn, on the beach, fishing rod in hand.

Monmouth’s Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy students get to experience research from start to finish. It begins the moment they see the rod’s tip twitch in that tell-tale way, the moment they first spot a dorsal fin skim across the water. By the time their hands are gently pinning a four-foot shark to a stretcher, fitting it with a tracking device that will supply them with data for the rest of the summer, their lives have already changed forever.

Quote Mark
I never really had that hands-on experience—I was always just like, ‘I care about shark conservation.’ But now that I’ve actually physically touched the sharks, and brought them on land, and done research and collected data on them, it makes me care even more about them.”
B.S. in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy
Biochemistry Laboratory Technician, Merck
Quote Mark
Working with the students is amazing; this one experience can really change the course of their career or life. From the pure excitement at seeing their first shark, to the next steps of collecting samples, tracking data, and analyzing our findings, it is really amazing to see students find their passion.”
Keith Dunton, PH.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Monmouth doesn’t just offer excitement. We offer guides who know what to do with excitement so that it turns into effectiveness. Your question becomes a research hypothesis. Your interest turns into a networking meeting. Your idea becomes a research project that leads to your profession, and your life’s passion. With just 12 students for every brilliant professor and a generous open-door policy, you’ll get to know these cutting-edge minds as true mentors. They’re as interested in their fields as they are in you, and it will make all the difference in what you can become.

A World of Difference

A World of Difference
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At Monmouth, you won’t just learn to take your own success up a notch. You’ll learn how your experience is connected to everyone else’s. That’s why we put such a focus on service, community engagement, and making substantive contributions to the world.

From your first year, service is built into your Monmouth experience. You can volunteer for Best Buddies Club, a student-run organization that assists students living with disabilities. Or participate in The Big Event, the single largest community service project that places 500 Monmouth Hawks throughout the community at 30 work sites. You could spend time in our Peace Corps Prep program. Or you could find yourself lending a hand at hurricane relief. And all of it will help form you as a professional.

At Monmouth, you’ll start to see how your passion and your ability can make an impact that’s far beyond you. Together, with intelligence and intention, even small acts can multiply into a world of difference.

Quote Mark
I chose nursing because it is constantly evolving—you are always bettering yourself to ensure that your patients receive the highest quality care. Monmouth gave me confidence, motivation, and determination to always be learning more.”
Antonia Prestine ’22 (pictured)
B.S.N. in Nursing
Registered Nurse, Staten Island University Hospital
Quote Mark
I’m finding the best approach to use my voice to bring awareness and make a change in the world.”
A’Liah Moore ’22
M.A. in Communication

Adventure With Purpose

Student overlooking London channel and With Purpose typography displayed

Where will your interests take you?

  • Interested in Public Health? Try Guatemala.
  • Tropic Island Ecology? Maybe the Bahamas.
  • Adventure Education is great in Costa Rica.
  • Italy is perfect for a tour with Music Industry.
  • General Education can take you to Australia.
  • There are hundreds of interests to explore, in locations all over the globe.
Our amazing corner of the world isn’t the only access you’ll have to adventure and exploration. With study abroad, the whole world opens up.

We make it easy to encounter new cultures and broaden your experiences, all while staying on track with whatever degree program you’re pursuing. Whether you’re gaining fluency in another language, making powerful connections with globally linked companies, or enjoying the world’s rich diversity, there’s a program for you.

Quote Mark
Studying abroad changed my life. Living on my own in a foreign city invited me out of my comfort zone and let me discover such valuable skills beyond what I was learning in the classroom—time management, budgeting, and a love of new cultures.”
Laura M. Bielicki ’21
Traveled to London in 2019
Assurance Associate, EY


There is no better location for a student who learns by doing, who wants to discover their skills through rolling up their sleeves and making it happen.

Located on the coast between two of the nation’s hubs of commerce and arts—New York City and Philadelphia—we can offer opportunities that no other university can. We are just a train ride from Washington, D.C., and proudly partner with the Washington Center that places you in the heart of national political action. And scores of students from Monmouth University have been selected for the prestigious Disney Professional Internship Opportunities program in Orlando, Florida. Our lasting and trusted relationships with big companies and powerful organizations in every field of study means that coming to Monmouth allows you to sit at tables of influence and spaces of innovation.

Sophia Lewin ’19 knows there’s a difference between imagining yourself pursuing a dream, and actually getting the chance to do it. At Monmouth, the coaching staff offered opportunities she wouldn’t have had anywhere else. It helped her do more than become fluent in football—it helped her make history, becoming the second woman ever to hold a coaching position in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills.

Quote Mark
I learned to believe in me. And I want to always be learning, growing, and becoming better at what I do. As a coach, whether on the field or off, that’s the attitude I hope to instill in players. I’m never going to tell someone they cannot do something they want to do.”
Sophia Lewin ’19 (pictured)
Senior Assistant to the Head Coach, Princeton University

Students GET THEIR START at places like

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have completed an internship during their first three years
engaged in a job or a graduate program (2022)

You can’t look into a crystal ball and see your future, but when you choose Monmouth, you can feel that level of confidence.

Our graduates stride purposefully into their future, taking every experience with them. Within nine months of graduation, 93% of graduates are already engaged in their next step—a job or a graduate program—and 76% of seniors have completed an internship during their first three years. That’s far above the national average, and proof of how seriously we take preparing Monmouth graduates to hit the ground running.

Our robust career services will help you find just the right network, experience, or course work to give you an edge in your field. We’ll help you discern your unique path, and we’ll be right alongside while you walk it.

Maybe you’ll follow in the footsteps of Brian Hanlon ’88, a world-renowned sculptor whose work can be found throughout campus. Or Saoud Khalifah ’13, named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 for retail and ecommerce, who founded Fakespot, a website that draws half a million visitors per month who are looking for help funding reputable online reviews for products. “Monmouth gave me ambition, and a skill set to match it,” he said.

Tomorrow. Maximized.

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How will Monmouth boost the talents, interests, and potential that are already within you? What will our resources, experience, and support spark?

Take the next step today at Your unique and incredible future is just waiting to come alive at Monmouth.

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